Art, Science, and Theatre: three events coming up

Rebecca and I are excited to be involved with three upcoming events that explore the relationship between art and science, and public engagement with science.

On Saturday, October 11th, we’re both taking part in Breaking Ice: art-science symposium, part of NZ IceFest in Christchurch.
In this one day public symposium, 15 leading artists, scientists and designers will explore new ways of working together to create innovative solutions to urgent issues related to the environment, human health, and climate change.

On Tuesday, October 14th, 6pm, we are collaborating with Massey University College of Creative Arts and the Royal Society of New Zealand “At Six” events:
Re-integrating Art, Design and Science for a Future World
Featuring: special guests David Buckland, Natalie Jerimijenko, and Frances Whitehead

On Thursday, October 16th, 7pm, we are delighted to be bringing a one-woman play about “ethics, equality, and ownership of our DNA” to Wellington in collaboration with the University of Otago at Wellington. HeLa is showing in Wellington (October 16th), Christchurch (October 9, 10) and Auckland (October 21 – 25). We’re also excited that the playwright and star of the show, Adura Onashile, will be coming to speak to our Science Communication and Creative Science Writing students when she’s in town as well.

More about each of these events to come… but please come along!

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